Over 80 percent of all homes in the US are concerned about pest invasion. Nearly one third of all homeowners encounter some form of pest infestation each year. Whether it’s ants in the kitchen, cockroaches in the bathroom, bed bugs in bedroom, mice in the basement, or even fleas in their pets. Unfortunately every home is vulnerable to face some sort of these problems. Once pests find a way inside our homes, they can pose significant threats to our health and property. It wouldn’t be wise to ignore the problem, as a result, finding the best pest control product is prudent before suffering any damage.

Pests have over time and again proven to cause massive destruction of foods and property wherever they pitch a tent. Pests are known for creating disorder whenever they pitch camps in kitchens, farms, or even common habitats for pets. Given the adverse effects they meet upon their hosts, it is prudent to have measures put in place to curb them. This regulation and management of pests is referred to as Pest Control. However, before handling an infestation or preventing one from taking place, you should first know how to properly identify and locate these home invaders

Best Home Pest Control Methods

Is it possible for you to solve the pest menace in your home before calling a pest control agency? Well, the answer is yes. However, the process is not as easy as it may seem since it varies depending on the amount of infestation to be tackled. You must, first of all, equip yourself with basic information on the type of pests you will be working on, and the most viable method for specific pests.

Contrary to the past where pests only fathomed on crops only, it is heartbreaking to note that they now attack furniture, food, carpets, and people as well. There are many ways to tackle pest infestation at the comfort of your home. With the aid of our guides and pest control product reviews we hope we can help in this matter.

We Research and Test the Best Pest Control Products

With so many products available on the market, this can lead to a lot of confusion. Despite having a wide array of pest control mechanisms, we advise you to watch out for those methods that will suit you best. Our guides and comparison tables are based on intensive research and evaluation. We also provide unbiased reviews from the most trusted brands. We try very hard to provide you only with the latest and up to date data to help you control pests on your own. However, the elimination process requires, knowledge, time, and determination.


They are known for their unrelenting hard work that makes them one of the most revered insects. However, their hard work simply means trouble for you. Whenever they find a way into your home or festivities, they stop at nothing but total destruction. To forestall such an occurrence, you need to equip yourself with the right methods. We provide you with a comprehensive guide on the best ant killers.


They are among the tiniest insects whose presence makes you wish the earth would open and swallow you alive. For example, they have the tendency to show up from their hideouts whenever we have visitors around. Nobody wants such an embarrassment, right? For this reason, we have put measures in place to see you through with our guide of the best roach killers.


They are more often associated with untidiness not forgetting the harm they pose on hosts whenever they are in sight. As they slide their way into your house, we advise you not tackle them head-on. This is primarily based on their venomous nature that would live you nursing life-threatening injuries with certain species. To help you fight off the spider menace we present our top-notch information of the best spider killers.


They have been adversely mentioned in almost all deaths accruing from Malaria, one of the leading killer diseases across the globe. They are said to be highly infested in areas with stagnant waters and untrimmed grass. Though draining these waters and clearing shrubs around your homes is a remedy for keeping them at bay, you need to tighten your belt when it comes to matters mosquitoes. We have compiled a step by step guide on the best mosquito killers and the best mosquito repellents.


Traps are commonly used for rodents which have proven to be a menace in homes, gardens or even the granaries. Their presence calls for immediate action otherwise you risk losing most of your valuables. For rats which evade the common traps, their only remedy is poison. To keep them at bay, far away from your reach we provide you with the best mouse traps and the best rat poisons.

Pest Prevention is Better than Cure

Generally, rooms with moisture, leftover food, or clutter are most likely to attract pests and rodents. While maintaining a clean and tidy environment is essential to keeping them away. There are some steps that you can take to somehow prevent them from invading your home. Understanding the cause for pest infestation is the cornerstone on which you embark on the eradication mission. For example, you must keep in mind the fact that their presence is a clear indication that you’ve failed in a particular aspect. By doing this, you trigger a change in the environment where they tend to breed and wreak havoc in insurmountable ways.

  • Regular Checks in Packages

Having pests in the vicinity does not necessarily mean that something is amiss in your home. More often than not, you tend to bring them in from the outdoors. For example, caboxes used for packaging your stuffs might have been previously infested with pests. Should you not watch out for such boxes and packages, you might end up creating a conducive environment for pests to thrive.

  • Seal Off Cracks on Walls

Open cracks on walls or cabinet crevices are a time bomb seconds away from an explosion. By leaving these loopholes completely open, you give pests a leeway through which they freely enter and roam around your home. It is, therefore, prudent to take stern action by sealing off these holes where insects or rodents may hide.

  • Dispose Unnecessary Clutter

Piles of newspapers, books or magazines are an ideal habitat for insects. Once pests such as spiders find their way into such concealed places, it becomes a daunting task for you to trace them back. To mitigate this, one must ensure that they empty and clear large piles of irrelevant materials.

  • Fix Leaking Water Pipes

Stagnant water has been proven to be the largest breeding ground for pests such as the malaria-causing mosquitoes. With the ever-skyrocketing deaths mainly attributed to this pest, we recommend that you fix broken water pipes and drain off stagnant water in your home.

  • Safely Store Food in Sealed Containers

A majority of the pests that invade homes are mostly after food. Failure to keep your food materials completely sealed poses a greater infection risk. For example, ants are mainly known for trekking hundreds of meters in search of food.

  • Clean Up Food Leftovers

Pests have a soft spot for food spills and leftovers that are left open and unattended. To avoid this, you must always ensure that you clean up and safely dispose of leftovers.

  • Secure the Trash

As commonly dictated, one’s man’s poison is another man’s food. What may seem like trash to you is actually food for pests. Having your trash close to the main entrance can give pests such as cockroaches a leeway through which they make way into your home. Always ensure that it is located far from the house, and regularly empty it.

  • Drain the Sink

A drop of water is all it takes for a massive roach infestation. To mitigate such an occurrence, we advise that you immediately drain sink water after cleaning dishes.

  • Acquire and Set the Pest Control Method of Choice

Choose the right pest control product that is specially designed for the pest problem that you have. For example rats and rodents can be easily trapped by laying baits on them. However, we recommend that you set up these traps in secluded areas where kids and pets cannot access them.

How to Use Pest Control Products Safely

Despite having insurmountable effects on pest extermination, pesticides are hazardous if not well taken care of. We, therefore, recommend that you pay attention during their application. If left unattended, pesticides can be your undoing. How do you safely use pesticides?

  1. Always read and follow the instructions labeled on the pesticides.
  2. Always go for ready-to-use products to avoid imminent dangers posed during the mixing of ingredients.
  3. Dispose of pesticides after their expiry date.
  4. Use hand gloves when manually applying pesticides.
  5. Wear a face mask when applying aerosol or spray like products
  6. Pay attention to the direction of the wind when spraying pesticides to avoid inhaling them.
  7. Dispose of the remnant pesticides.
  8. Label pesticides clearly to avoid confusion.
  9. Keep children and pets away from areas of application.
  10. Keep pesticides away from the reach of children.
  11. Wash your hands after apply treatments.
  12. Always use these products with caution and care. More does not mean it will be more effective, just use as written on the label.

Despite having a wide array of pest control mechanisms, we advise you to watch out for those methods that will suit you best.

Dangers of Pests

  • Cause diseases. A majority of pests that we often come into contact with are disease carriers. For example, mosquitoes cause malaria.
  • Cause allergic reactions. Some pests such as spiders are venom carriers and may cause you to have allergic reactions on your body.
  • Property damage. Rodents are known for their destructive nature whenever they pay a visit to our homes. They feed on stored food or valuable objects.

Bottom Line

These are few infestations that you could come across in your home. It is not necessarily difficult to fight these infestations providing you follow good advice and good control. Exterminators are not needed in most cases, except in the most serious of circumstances. Generally, prevention is always better than cure. Keep your house clean, do not leave food or drinks out in the open, and maintain a hygienic life. Finding the best control product through our pest control product reviews should make your choice easier, or at least, this is what we hope for. Keep following our blog for more updated articles each month.