Best Rat Poison Reviews – Comparison 2018

Rats invade our houses looking for shelter and food. They interact socially with humans and are found in almost all human habitats. Rats and mice are known to be fond of causing significant damages where they inhabit, that is in homes, farms, and business premises. Finding the best rat poison is crucial to completely get rid of rats. Here comes our complete guide on how to get rid of mice indoors and outdoors. The best mouse poison should completely wipe out these home invaders. We have distinguished facts from myths to help you solve the mice infestation from the root.

Best Rat Poison Reviews

  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • Formulation: Poison
  • Type: Fast Acting
  • Best Use: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Duration: Up to 1 month
  • Ingredients: Bromadiolone
  • Price: $$$

  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • Formulation: Poison
  • Type: Fast Acting
  • Best Use: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Duration: Up to 1 month
  • Ingredients: Bromethalin
  • Price: $$

  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • Formulation: Poison
  • Type: Fast Acting
  • Best Use: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Duration: Up to 1 month
  • Ingredients: Brodifacoum
  • Price: $

Farnam Just One Bite II Bar Rat Poison

best rat poison

Farnam Just One Bite II bar is a single feed rat poison. It comes in a one bite bar weighing 16 ounces and other sizes. It has an active ingredient called Bromadiolone. Bromadiolone kills both mice and rats altogether in a single feed.

It contains special nibble ridges which is a favorite for rodents. This poison can be broken into two for specific cases such as baiting and wall mounting. It might kill lesser mice, but we highly recommend that you have it on the floor for a larger target. It smashes various types of rats, which is Norway, house rats and roof rats.


  • The bait bars are breakable into smaller pieces allowing you to target different rodent sizes even in narrow spaces.
  • Just one bite is enough to kill within 4 to 5 days of a single feed.
  • This rat bait contains grains and seeds that are favorable to all kinds of rodents which guarantees that they will not miss it without taking a bite.


  • Highly poisonous, requires you to be extra careful when handling it by taking all precautions and wearing gloves while placing them.
  • Not safe for children or pets.


MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse & Rat Bait Chunx Poison

best poison for killing rats

MOTOMCO Tomcat mouse and rat Bromethalin bait chunx, with an active ingredient, possessing a toxicity of 0.01% Bromethalin, has a toxic power to reach out stubborn roof rats, house mice including Norway rats.

It is originally made in the U.S. MOTOMCO Tomcat as well has a capability of taking down the famous anticoagulant resisting rats. It is usable both indoors and outdoors. Most importantly, placing it at home and in the surrounding of agricultural buildings is a great idea. A good thing about MOTOMCO Tomcat, it can kill many rats with lesser baits.


  • A fast-acting rat and mouse poison kills within 1 or 2 days.
  • High toxic ingredients, capable of killing many rats with less bait.


  • Not safe, very toxic, so make sure to keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Not an all season proof formula, not effective when wet.


D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets Poison

best mouse poison

D-Con rat and mouse bait pellets tray with a net weight of 85 grams are single feed rat poisons. They have Brodifacoum as an active ingredient. Well, it kills both the Warfarin mice and rats, as it contains lethal doses for only single bites.

D-Con rat and mouse bait pellets are functional after a period of approximately 4 or 5 days. They come in quite small sizes with high prices but reflects the level of toxicity the poison contains. They come in green packages thus considered friendly to the environment.


  • Pre-filled ready to use trays makes it easy to place and set up.
  • Contains larger pellets, guarantees killing rats and other rodents in a single feed.


  • Not safe for humans and animals, fatal if swallowed.
  • Rats are very smart nowadays and may still avoid it.


Odor No OdorNo OdorNo Odor
Pet-Friendly Not Pet-FriendlyNot Pet-FriendlyNot Pet-Friendly
Eco-Friendly NoNoNo

How to Get Rid of Rats?

Making the right selection for the tools you need at work is very essential for perfect results. Product selection is very sensitive in this context. This is because when you chose a product, you definitely expect it to deliver good results. Dr. Jonathan Wade, explains that a perfect understanding of active substances in rat poisons is a key point in achieving a perfect rodent control. Here we feature key points to emphasize on, when going to look for the best rat poison in the market. While keeping in mind to always be careful when handling and placing these products, as some of them are highly toxic.

  • Active Ingredients

The active ingredient in a rat poison is normally indicated on the product packaging sticker. Often, manufacturers get a bit confusing in bringing out this message. In this confusion, you should not be actually misled in the whole marketing mix. Taking into consideration some essential facts and figures while looking for the best active ingredient would help you arrive at informed decisions on the best mice poison for your preferred purpose. Having in mind how much the infesting rats eat, the power of the active ingredient and most importantly, contrast between the toxicity defines what ingredient you should opt for. Examples of the active ingredients in rat poisons include: Bromethalin, Alphachloralose, Bromadiolone, Brodifacoum, and Difenacoum among many others.

  • Pet Friendliness

Unfortunately, like rats, our pets may end up consuming the rat poison. The pet may be affected or not. This all depends on the pet friendliness of the rat poison. Some rat poisons are green or blue in color mainly for pets not to notice them, whereas others have anticoagulant as an active ingredient thus have minimal harm to pets.

  • Size of the Killer Required

Make the right choice in terms of the size of the poison. Choosing very big sizes of baits would make the small mice avoid the poison if they were to eat it. At the same time, too small sizes might as well under dose the rats and make them avoid it completely.

  • Knowing the Difference Between Mouse & Rat

Interestingly, the smell of rats is quite uncomfortable for mice. The smell affects behavior and recreation of mice. Visually both rats and mice are one and the same thing to us. In real sense they are very different. Rats are actually a medium size whereas mice are comparatively tiny and sparrow in size. The major similarity among the two is that they are rodents and have long thin tails. Getting things right here enables you to pick not only the correct size but also the appropriate toxicity level.

  • Choosing the Correct Place for the Bait Killer

As rats can be found both in the house and outside the house, it is essential to understand what type of killer to use indoors and outdoors. Rats are not fond of appearing in open areas. Place the poison baits strategically parallel to the wall or in some corner making sure it is parallel to the direction of the rats along the wall.

Rat baits are highly recommended to be used indoors. This is because placing the baits is easily hid in hot spots to kill as many rats as possible. Placing the bait in a well-lighted place would make no sense if you are aiming at really aiming to get of rats. Places like the kitchen are appropriately suited for non-poisonous rat control, for health safety purposes. As a result, underneath furniture are ideal places to have some of the bait. As well as, they can be used outdoors and indoors.

Finding the Best Mouse Killer Method

Here we discuss the main difference between the two most famous ways of getting rid of rats.

  • Rat Trap

Rat traps are mainly designed to catch rats rather than killing them. A non-poison food bait is placed in the cage. The food bait attracts the rat. When the rat has made its way into the trap, a designed mechanism suddenly shuts the door and traps it at the entrance of the trap. At this point the fate of the animal is in the trap setter’s custody. He or She may decide to carry it alive and throw it far from the prohibited area. Rather, it may be killed without mercy!

There are different types of traps. The first the glue-based trap. Normally, it does not contain any poison. Glue is evenly spread on it and it is then placed as a trap. The best place to have them is where rats frequent. The rats would die of hunger and dehydration in the trap. There is the wired trap. These traps are fixed with funnel-shaped wires in them. The funnel-shaped wire is fitted into the cage with the larger opening facing the entrance. The traps are made using the amazing rat adaptation of flexibility.

  • Rat Poison

Also referred to as rodenticides, they are lethal substances that are meant for the rats and mice problems. Once the rat consumes the poison, it may die immediately or die after some time. If you keep wondering what kills the rats in these rodenticides, we shall answer your unanswered questions.

The poisons have active ingredients that act as the main killers. The rodenticides have varying volumes of active ingredients, with varying toxicity in them. In terms of rodenticides the best rat killer solely depends on various factors like toxicity, actives and how much the rats eat. Well, rat poisons rarely need a close monitoring as opposed to rat traps which might need a very close monitoring.

The Best Rat Poison Type

There are two types of rat poisons. You would realize this when you have to choose between a single or multi-feed.

  • Multi-Feed Mouse Bait

Multi-feed baits are poisons that are lesser toxic and ought to be administered to the rats gradually. The rats then gradually die after five to seven days of consumption. Well when using this method, you should be very patient.

Multi feeding is disadvantaged in some ways. Rats can be canning as they develop sensitivity. Normally, a rat would have a sample of any new eatery by having small bites. These small bites are normally not enough to have the rats well dosed. Funnily, if the rat gets sick, it will stay away from that poison with its pack. What next? The bait will be probably a waste.

Rat do not vomit. They have a protective means of saving themselves from poisonous items. When they have nausea, their remedy is to go for clay. They feed on clay which acts as a detoxifier. Clay dilutes the poison and as a result makes it useless. As a result, even the best mouse bait is not recommended in this case.

  • Single-Feed Rat Poison

Single feeding baits are meant to kill once and for all. That explains why single feeding entails stronger and very toxic. This type of rat poison is normally faster when you compare it to the multi-feeding methods. You would rarely find the single feed poisons in local stores. The toxicity of the poison makes it dangerous to sell them so readily. They can only be bought online.

However, single feed poisons are very dangerous. It is advisable to use them with antidotes as a safety measure, in case it is not consumed by the targeted victim.

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Bottom Line

As a matter of fact, rats and mice can be stopped from entering your place once and for all. It solely goes back to you as an individual. It is very key that you understand the various considerations to look at before you make a decision, and knowing the thin line between the best rat killer and the best rat poison. By knowing these considerations, you will end up with the best mouse poison to completely get rid of mice in your house once and for all. Lastly, we hope we couple inform you on various ways to solve the rats and mice problem from the roots.

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